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Shackelford School (historical) Grape Grove Twp 50 1871 Hardin 833 feet 39.330ºN 93.819ºW Central School District Info 1925
The beginning of education in Shackelford district dates back to the coming of Mr. Bennett Stratton in 1833, Mr. James G. Stevenson in 1842, and Mr. John Shackelford in 1853. Just as soon as the population was sufficiently large, the early pioneer began to make provision for the education of his children. The first permanent building in Shackelford district was in 1871. The building was constructed by Mr. Josiah Beery of Morton. The first school was taught by John W. Spurlock. The first term was taught in the summer for a period of three months. That winter, a six months' term was taught by the same teacher. The enrollment was 75. The second teacher was Thomas Lavelock. The third teacher was Thomas Dacy.

In 1874, the following men were elected directors: U. G. Edbar, clerk; C. O. Harlison; and Fauntley Walker. T. M. Deacy taught the school from 1874 until 1883 at a salary of $45 per month. In 1866, while Miss Lizzie Rouch was teacher, Arbor Day was celebrated by planting a number of shade trees.

While Miss Leyda Rhodes was teaching in 1923, sewing and manual training were introduced in the school. Several prizes were won at the county meet and a nice display of the work was made at Hardin. Playground equipment was added and the library had over 200 volumes. The enrollment in 1925 was 32.

Shackelford school closed in 1945. The children went to the Union School in the Central Consolidated District. Mrs. Roy Bowman was the last teacher at Shackelford School.

Source: http://www.hardincentral.k12.mo.us/about/history/shackelford-school.html

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