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In our early settlements, the first schools were subscription schools. Hardin is said to have had four such schools. One of the earliest was located north of Hardin on land owned by Mr. and Mrs. V. M. Shirley; another southeast of Little Brick, called the Hughes School. Another was the Esrey School, located one mile north of Hardin near the home of Niles Esrey. Mr. Clampitt was the first teacher. The school was closed about 1894. The first site for a public school within the city limits of Hardin on West Elm Street was purchased in 1870 for $150.00 [$2,310 in 2007 dollars]. The trustees were R. V. Wall, S. H. Flournoy, and W. W. McGrew. The first school building cost $700.00 [$10,780 in 2007$]. Miss Mary Snowden taught the first elementary school. Her home was nearby. It was a subscription school. This school was operated until about 1900. During the last years it was an African American school. One of the first African American teachers was Mr. Spears.

In 1901 the school district of Hardin, with R. V. Wall, president, and trustees E. S. Hunt, S. H. Flournoy, C. O. Mansur, E. M. Carter, and E. M. Shepherd sold this site for $326.00 [$8,024 in 2007$]. The African American school was then in a residence converted into a school building. This was located where Mr. and Mrs. Connie Bandy lived in 1970. This was called the Douglas School, and Lula Morten was the first teacher. Other teachers were Shirley White, Maude Baker, Britty Marten, and the last teacher was Mrs. Taft Finch. The largest enrollment was about 50. When the enrollment dwindled, the Hardin district hired Mr. and Mrs. Herman Turley to transport the pupils to Richmond to the Lincoln School.

In 1889-1892 a plot of land on East Elm Street was purchased by the school board for $300.00 [$6840 in 2007$]. Anson Merrifield was president and trustees were James Lentz and James McMichael.

A four-room building was constructed, two rooms above for the upper grades and two below for the elementary staffed by four teachers.

Prior to September 1906, the building was enlarged by adding on two rooms to the southeast, one below and one above with laboratory. Later, two more rooms, one above and one below, were added on to the southwest part of the school.

In 1907, C. G. Truitt was Superintendent and W. N. King was Principal. There were three graduates. The grades from this school were accepted by the University of Missouri and the Normal Schools.

In 1917-18 during the administration of Superintendent R. E. Stewart, it was decided to enlarge the school building by adding more rooms to the east and west of the old building and by superimposing a gymnasium over the entire second story. This building was used until 1954.

The cornerstone laying for the new school building took place in April 1954. The buliding was ready for occupancy in 1954. L. D. Brantley was superintendent and Mrs. Forrest (Mary B.) Frazier was principal.

Mary Boggess came to Hardin to teach in 1921. She was married to Forrest Frazier in 1922. She taught Social Science, Latin, and Dramatics 43 years and was high school principal 35 years.

Upon retirement in 1965, a reception with program by former students and superintendents was given by the community. A plaque in her honor was placed on the east entrance wall of the Hardin High School building.

"It has been said that the sun never sets on the British Empire. In this age of space and peacetime wars, we in the same sense can say that every hour of the day, the sun is shining on someone who has learned under Mary B. Frazier." --Quote from program given in Mrs. Frazier's honor on May 22, 1965.

Adapted from Hardin, Missouri: A Centennial History (1870-1970).

Source: http://www.hardincentral.k12.mo.us/about/history/hardin-public-schools.html

Hardin-Central Elementary School


Hardin 64035-1111 (816) 398-4394 .
Hardin-Central High School


Hardin 64035-1111 (816) 398-4394 .


Central Middle School


Lawson 64062-0157 (816) 296-3513
Early Childhood Center


Lawson 64062-0157 (816) 580-4027
Lawson High School


Lawson 64062-0157 (816) 296-3296
Southeast Elementary School


Lawson 64062 .
Southwest Elementary School


Lawson 64062-0156 (816) 296-3261


Orrick Elementary School


Orrick 64077-0037 (816) 770-3922
Orrick High School


Orrick 64077-0037 (816) 770-3327


Richmond Academy opened in 1836 . . .
Richmond High School


Richmond 64085-2175 (816) 776-2226
Richmond Middle School


Richmond 64085-1762 (816) 776-5841 . .
Woodson (Methodist) Institute opened in 1893


included a fine art curiculum
Woodson-Dear Elementary School


Richmond 64085-1887 (816) 776-5401


Stet Elementary School


Stet 64680-9999 (816) 484-3122
Stet High School


Stet 64680-9999 (816) 484-3122

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