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Cemeteries in Ray County

Last Updated 7/19/2009

To add additional information relating to Ray County, Missouri Genealogy, E-Mail the county coordinator.

Ray County Cemeteries - Web Page


Cemeteries with unknown Locations

These cemeteries have been said to be in Ray County.

some of these cemeteries still are not found
some have been located in other counties
some have been moved to townships within Ray County
some were incorrectly transcribed as to location or spelling

the names have been kept on this webpage for future reference

1 Arnian Cemetery

Misread as "Arnian" during transcription of funeral home records. Moved to #708 Old Union Cemetery in Polk Township

2 Dillen (Buckner) Cemetery

moved to #602 in Orrick Township

3 Bann Cemetery

transcribed incorrectly on Thurman Funeral Home Records - should be Boon - see Boone Cemetery #855

4 Bentley Cemetery .
5 .
6 Blue Mound Cemetery .
7 Bohannon Cemetery

moved to #213 in Crooked River Township

8 Boone Cemetery moved to #855 in Richmond Township
9 Bullock Cemetery

moved to #430 in Grape Grove Township

10 Clark-Crammer Cemetery

moved to #509 Van Wall Cemetery; aka Clark-Crammer Cemetery; aka Cramer-Smith Cemetery

11 County Farm moved to #810 in Richmond Twp; County Poor Farm
12 Duvall-Rice Cemetery moved to #849 Duvall-Rice Cemetery in Richmond Twp
13 Garner Cemetery

moved to #853 Manley Cemetery in Richmond Twp

36 Giles Cemetery moved to #18 Giles Cemetery in Crooked River Twp
14 Gorham Cemetery

moved to #801 Belt Cemetery in Richmond Township

15 Captain Israel Hendley

moved to #843 Richmond Twp

38 Hughs Cemetery
37 Jennings Cemetery
16 Silas Keith Cemetery moved to #434 Grape Grove Township
17 Wilson Cemetery (aka King)

moved to #845 Richmond Township

18 Lile Cemetery

moved to #841 Richmond Township

19 Lovelock (not the same as Lavelock?); moved to Lavelock #202
20 Mayberry Cemetery

moved to #844 Pugh Cemetery in Crooked River Township

21 Robert Manley Family Cemetery

moved to Richmond Twp #853

22 McDonald Cemetery

moved to #802 Dockery Cemetery

34 McGaugh Cemetery

moved to Richmond Township #842

23 McGill Cemetery .
24 Pollard Cemetery

same as Allen Cemetery #701

25 Pauper's Field Cemetery

moved to #703 Taylor Cemetery

26 Rose Cemetery .
49 Sanderson Cemetery #2 This cemetery does NOT exist. DAR Index incorrectly indicated that it is located inside Richmond City limits.
27 Schooler Cemetery

moved to #801 Belt Cemetery in Richmond Twp

28 Stockwell Cemetery

moved to Polk County #711

29 Tucker-Gryder Cemetery

moved to #614 Orrick Twp

30 Van Wall Cemetery moved to #838 Wall Cemetery
35 Watson Cemetery

not in Ray County; located in Cherry Valley Twp, Carroll County, Missouri

31 White Cemetery

moved to #847 Richmond Twp

32 Woods Cemetery

moved to #307 - Rowland Cemetery in Fishing River Township

33 Zirjack's Cemetery

moved to McGaugh Cemetery #832 - Richmond Twp

39 .
40 .
999 Miscellaneous Burials

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To add additional information relating to Ray County, Missouri Genealogy, E-Mail the county coordinator.