Robert Manley Family Cemetery

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Name of Cemetery 853 Cemetery
Township Richmond Twp
Cemetery # #
Alternate Names Garner Cemetery; Johnson Cemetery
Latitude/Longitude Latitude: xxxx; Longitude: xxx
Township/Range/Section T53R28S24
Cemetery Still in Use No
Size of Cemetery about 7 known burials, probably more
Condition xxx
Range of Burial Dates
Oldest Known Burial: Wilson Manley: d. December 24, 1862
Last Known Burial Charles W. Johnson: b. January 12, 1864 d. November 3, 1934
Visited yet? CC - no................ JZ - yes/no...........anyone else - yes
Most recent directions xxxx
1973 Ray County History; p. 230 not listed
1973 Ray County History; p. 232; Cemeteries Not Listed on Map #18; highway 13, on Cecil Endsleys farm [the 1970 plat map indicated that Cecil Endsley owned land in both T53R28S24 & T53R28S23; section 24 is in Richmond Twp, section 23 is in Knoxville Twp]
Big Black Cemetery Binder Buried in a timber just west of Highway 13, between Knoxville and Dockery

In addition to the Robert Manley family members, 3 Johnson's & Charles W. Johnson buried here [death certificate of Chas. Johnson indicates he was buried in Garner Cemetery, Dockery, Missouri]


DAR Index:

Dar Index indicates Manley Cemetery is aka Johnson Cemetery (T52R27S17) but this is not correct; this is a different Johnson Cemetery

LS info xxx
Other Comments

Plat Maps year marked? who's land?
T53R28S24 Original Land Grants original entry date November 28, 1833 Winant Vanderpool
1877 no J. C. Garner


no P. Johnson
1914 no Wesley Johnson
1930 no W. Johnson
1959 yes/no William Endsley
1970 no Wm. Cecil Endsley


no William C. Endsley
1997 no L. D.
2005 no J. D.
Transcriptions online:
GTT online
Ray County Archives
Other Online Link
Compilations Listing submitted by Pauline E. Brown, Richmond, Missouri, March 17, 1985
Library References
Genealogical Library - Ray County Museum
Ray County Library - Richmond REF 929.3 RAY
Mid-Continent Library
Family History Library (FHL)
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