Covey Cemetery

Name of Cemetery Covey Tombstone
Township Richmond Twp
Cemetery # #848
Alternate Names JB Tombstone
Latitude/Longitude Latitude: 39°16'15.91"N; Longitude: 94° 5'9.12"W


Cemetery Still in Use No
Size of Cemetery Only one stone found. It's been told that long ago other stones were in the creek.
Condition only an age could be found on the stone
Range of Burial Dates
Oldest Known Burial xxxx
Last Known Burial xxx
Visited yet? CC - yes................ JZ - yes...........anyone else - yes
Most recent directions From Hwy EE turn west onto Franklin Rd, turn south onto Bruns Road. After the curve there is a small cliff on the west side of the road. The stone is on top of the cliff on the road side of the fence.
1973 Ray County History; p. 230 #x, name Twp
1973 Ray County History; p. 232; Cemeteries Not Listed on Map #xx; description
Big Black Cemetery Binder xxx


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Other Comments

One single stone was found with the possible inscription of 53 Ys. 1 Mo. & 4 Ds. It was first thought it had the initials "JB" on it.

It has been said that the tombstone should be a Covey tombstone. There used to be a Covey Cemetery there. One person said she used to play down by a creek and there was one stone still standing and other stones in the creek bed. The stone had the surname of Covey on it. The theory about this cemetery is that Mr. Kirtley lived close by and probably took a lot of the stones from the cemetery, plus the stones that were in the creek bed, resulted in the cemetery being destroyed. Mr. Kirtley liked to buy land close to cemeteries and he would take some of the stones.

Plat Maps year marked? who's land?


Original Land Grants June 1, 1853 or January 8, 1836 John Ross? or David Hill
1877 no Nancy Bellis


no Nancy Bellis
1914 no Jacob Bellis
1930 no J. Bellis
1959 no Jesse Bellis
1970 no L. A. Huffman? (possibly


no A. Bellis
1990 no not indicated
1997 no Loyd Huffman
2005 no Norma Huffman
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Genealogical Library - Ray County Museum
Ray County Library - Richmond
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