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Old Union Cemetery

(aka Miller Burying Grounds?)

Polk Township

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Old Union Cemetery

(Union Cemetery)

(possibly known as Miller Burying Grounds)

#8 on Polk Township Map




southeast of Lawson on "C" Hwy, 2 miles east of "M" Hwy


1973 Ray County History: Old Union Cemetery, located east of Lawson on Route C, was donated by Mr. Abram Titus to be used as a free burial ground and to date, burial lots there can not be sold.

Some of the earliest graves are reported to be of children of the early settlers who were passing through on their way west. There are also some slave graves there. Due to neglect and the passing of time, these early markers are no longer evident.

As far back as the 1890's and 1900's, once a year, in August, people of the community gathered for a clean up day. This custom eventually died due to the lack of interest. Around 1935 the Union Extension Club took as a project, the upkeep of the cemetery. The first item of business was to get it fenced to keep out stock and to raise funds to mow and clean the area.

Since the only funds available are free will donations, a committee collects donations and hires someone to mow the cemetery several times a year. Those serving on the committee are: Okel Bowers, Raymond Grove, Jim Nolker, J. T. Atkins, Blanche McKee, Dorothy Cox, Katie Ulmer, Fern Atkins, and Stella Hankins.


DAR Index: located in Polk Twp at N. Union Road and Hwy C

listed in Thurman Funeral Home Records book

Transcription on Line

Ray REF 929.3 RAY

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Compilation for sale by Joyce Anderson Swearingin Jones

Possibly known as Miller Burying Grounds: The obituary for Logan Kelmell indicates he was interred in the Miller burying ground near Vibbard

CC note: Thurman Funeral Home records were transcribed for Harley Brizendine and indicated the burial place was "Arnian Cemetery". The cemetery should actually have been transcribed as "Union". See death certificate. Therefore there never really was a "Arnian Cemetery" and has been removed from the Unknown Cemetery list.

photo submitted by Jennifer Zunker

Margaret J. Russell (1855 - 1928)

Dolphus S. Russell (1846 - 1928)

Hamilton G. Russell (1848 - 1932)

Lucinda Stephensn Wiley

(1846 - 1909)

Samuel T. Wiley (1837 - 1911)

Andrew W. Russell


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