Woolard Cemetery
Name of Cemetery Woolard Cemetery
Township Grape Grove Twp
Cemetery # #410
Alternate Names Wollard Cemetery; Woollard Cemetery; aka Prichard Cemetery [see CC comments]; possible also called Rice Cemetery
Latitude/Longitude Latitude: 39°22'37"N; Longitude: 93°50'7"W

T53R26S29; NE1/4

Cemetery Still in Use No
Size of Cemetery about 30 known burials, probably more
Condition in the middle of some tall trees; easily viewed when the vegetation is not growing; probably overgrown during the summer
Range of Burial Dates
Oldest Known Stone: Newton Evans d. August 14, 1837;
Nancy J. Woolard d. January 2, 1854
Last Known Burial death certificate for Mary W. Jacobs d. January 5, 1916
[death certificate indicates she was buried in Rice Cemetery, but Woolard Cemetery transcription indicates she was buried in this cemetery and there is a stone in Woolard Cemetery]
Visited yet? CC - yes................ JZ - yes/no...........anyone else - yes
Most recent directions From the intersection of Hwy "A" and East 155th Street, travel west on East 155th Street 1 mile. [Or 7/10 miles west of the intersection of Wakenda Road and East 155th Street.] Just before this point, the road turned slightly north and then back west. Turn into the field just west of the tree line. Follow the grass farm path along the tree line for about 500 yards. The cemetery is in the trees on the east side of the path almost directly east of the farm pond that is about 100 yards west of the path. If the field is dry, you can probably drive to this point otherwise it would be better to walk.

It is better to visit this cemetery in the winter. If you are looking for this during the summer you will not see a pond in the field as the corn will be obsuring it. Instead, look for a grouping of trees in the center of the field of corn - that is where the pond is and eye a line directly toward the tree line from the "point of trees". The area in the summer is so overgrown, that it may take a long time to find it.

1973 Ray County History; p. 230 #11 Prichard Cemetery
1973 Ray County History; p. 232; Cemeteries Not Listed on Map #xx; description
Big Black Cemetery Binder located on Clara Allison farm 1 mile west of B Highway and 8 miles north of Hardin, Missouri, on B Highway[???]
Cemeteries of Grape Grove Township by McKemy

from intersection of county road 146 and 148 go north on county road 146 0.6 miles to jog in road; continue east in field along timber about 1/2 mile; private property; small abandoned cemetery has very little care



DAR Index:

"Wollard" Cemetery aka Prichard Cemetery located in Grape Grove Twp. From 155th Street north on Wakenda Road, 6/10 mile to jog in road. Continue east in field along timber about 1/2 mile.

LS info xxx
Other Comments

Connie Linter spoke with the Hardin city clerk and land owner and was able to obtain directions and visit the cemetery. Traveling West on 155th from Hwy A, you pass by a farm with a long driveway, cross a creek, navigate an "S" curve, then as you pass a patch of timber on the North side of the road you will see an old grassed-in farm road along the timber. Turn North into the field and travel along the timber, in a general Northwesterly direction, until you see a pond in the middle of the field. The Cemetery is in a "point" of timber just northeast of the pond.
There were approx. 20-25 markers, with many of them being readable. (Alfred's description had mentioned less.) {My copy of Alfred's listing has 30 burials. LS} The majority of the markers were Wollard (most with the double LL spelling, a couple with double OO), Evans, Jacobs, Johnson, Gentry, Bowman and Gough. Some had been mounted flat in concrete many years ago, which did a great job of preserving them. They were mostly covered by leaves and debris, but were near others and easy to find. (By the way, there were NO Pritchards in this cemetery, so I believe it must be a different cemetery all together. When looking at the Plat map, it appears their land was to the south in section 29. Which could lead one to believe it is the unknown cemetery T53R26S29).
According to the Hardin city clerk and land owner, this nearly non-existent farm road by the timber, was a road at one time, which would explain how the Wollard Cemetery was established there. If you stay along the timber and travel the grassy road today you can drive from 155th to Wakenda Road. After talking with them, we found we did not have to walk in from the road. It would however, have been an easy walk from 155th Street.
CC comments:
It is not known at this time [January 2008] why the DAR index refers to this as Prichard Cemetery. It appears that there are no Prichard's buried in this cemetery. Perhaps Prichard Cemetery is another cemetery entirely. J.P. Prichard owned land near it on the 1877 atlas.

It has been indicated by some sources that the location is T53R26S20 SW1/4SE1/4. The cemetery is actually located at T53R26S29 (NE1/4)

The 1877 plat map indicates there is a cemetery (#31) marked in T53R26S28 which is probably this cemetery.

It is still believed that cemetery T53R26S29 (#32) is a different cemetery.
death certificate of Mary Walters Jacobs indicates she was buried in Rice Cemetery, date of death January 5, 1916; Woolard Cemetery transcription indicates she was buried in Woolard Cemetery

death certificate of John Hall indicates he was buried in Rice Burying Ground, date of death April 10, 1910; he is NOT listed in the Woolard Cemetery transcription

Plat Maps year marked? who's land?
T53R26S29 1877 no (a cemetery is marked in section 28; possible this one? but marked in wrong section?) C. P. Wollard


no J. M. Pugh
1914 no Hulda Pugh
1930 no H. F. Pugh
1970 no Monroe Allison


no Monroe P. Allison
1997 no Jack Waller
2005 no Jack Waller
Transcriptions online:
GTT online
Ray County Archives

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Compilations Cemeteries of Grape Grove Township, January 1995; compiled by Al McKemy, 4 Apr 1993
Library References
Genealogical Library - Ray County Museum
Ray County Library - Richmond

Ray REF 929.3 RAY (Wollard)

Mid-Continent Library MC 977.819 M195c AFRA (Woolard)
Family History Library (FHL)
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