T52R27S14 Cemetery

Name of Cemetery T52R27S14 Cemetery
Township Crooked River Twp
Cemetery # #217
Alternate Names xxx
Latitude/Longitude Latitude: 39°19'9"N; Longitude: 93°54'22"W
Township/Range/Section R52R27S14; 1/4 SW of 1/4 NW
Cemetery Still in Use No
Size of Cemetery the site is about 25 feet by 25 feet

This information was submitted by Dean Stransky, a Resource Conservationist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service:

During a field survey to layout a new terrace system, a small group of headstones was found which may be an old family cemetery. I have attached a aerial photo with the location of the stones marked and photos of three of the stones.

There are four stones and what may be the remnants of a base. One of the stones is very small and could be either a foot stone or infant stone. One stone is approximately 3 feet in height and 18 inches in width and is leaning against an old fence post. The other two stones are on the ground and may be parts of the same stone. The stone against the fence post, I can make out the outline of bible but I do not have any names from any of the stones. At the time of the field investigation, I did not have the tools to make any tracings from the stones. There are marks on the stones but I was unable to make out the letters. There is what may have been a fence around the site so we did believe there are any other graves in the area. We also could not find any depressional areas that may indicate grave sites.

This site was not indicated on our maps so thought it should be reported to you.

Range of Burial Dates
Oldest Known Stone: xxxx
Last Known Burial xxx
Visited yet? CC - yes/no................ JZ - yes/no...........anyone else - yes
Most recent directions The site is in a fence line about 1250 feet from 128th St. The fence line widens at the site.
1973 Ray County History; p. 230 xxx
1973 Ray County History; p. 232; Cemeteries Not Listed on Map xxx
Big Black Cemetery Binder xxx
Cemeteries of Grape Grove Township by McKemy



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LS info xxx
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Plat Maps year marked? who's land?
R52R27S14 1835 "Original Land Entries", page 74 John S. Wilkerson bought the land October 13, 1835; T52, R27, S14 sw 1/4 of NE 1/4 John S. Wilkerson
1877 no J.G. Byram


no W.M. Byram
1914 no W.M. Byram (B.O. Mason)
1930 no B.O. Mason
1970 no Glenda Hicks


no Glenda E. Mason Hicks
1997 no Glenda Grafton
2005 no Christoperh Macey
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GTT online
Ray County Archives
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Genealogical Library - Ray County Museum
Ray County Library - Richmond
Mid-Continent Library
Family History Library (FHL)
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