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Henry Smith-Jackson Cemetery
(aka Remley Cemetery)

Camden Township

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Henry Smith-Jackson Cemetery

(aka Remley Cemetery)

(maybe aka Fleming Cemetery)

this is not the same as Jackson Family Cemetery




T51R28S28 SW1/4

#1 on Ray County History 1973 p. 230 Camden Township

A lifelong Ray County resident states that Dennis Norris, landowner, said the stones are no longer there (2007), though Mr. George Barber accessed the cemetery a few years ago and read the stones that were remaining and readable.

Another source says the stones are probably still there:

death certificate of infant Proctor indicates he was buried in "Smith or Fleming Cemetery"

Genealogy Trails Transcription online
Note from Cynthia Farmer Nold:

Henry Smith - Jackson cemetery, originally the Remley Cemetery, I have posted some photographs of tombstones on the Find-a-grave site created 2006. I am in communication with the current overseer of the web page(s) and will be upgrading the location description.

Note that one of the tombstones is that of Adam Remley who was the first owner of the property. He purchased several parcels out of the Louisiana Purchase, the first in 1837. The cemetery site and pioneer Remley land patent is linked here:

Land Patent Records

Adam Remley's tombstone photo is linked here:

Between the time Ray County cemetery enumerators made a list of burials from graves and tombstones on the site 1975 and my visits to the cemetery in honor of G. H. Farmer, the stones had been scooped off the grave sites and heaped under a tree. It is likely that Norris was collecting CRP payments from the cemetery, did not want it in the USDA/farm records. Remleys and other early pioneers buried there early on should be honored. My great grandmother and grandfather are buried there. The cemetery is part of Ray County history and should not be erased.

Please add a note to the cemetery page that some tombstone photos appear on the Find-a-grave site. I took the photos around 2005. If I can get protection from the county sheriff as specified in Missouri statute, I may visit the cemetery again and take more tombstone photos - provided the current land owner has not "disappeared" them. Although this is listed as a Century Farm, the cemetery and ownership go back much further. In addition, when the town of Fleming developed this cemetery served as a community cemetery, as evidenced by the Proctor infant death certificate.


(contributed by George Barber)

There are probably 10 or more additional burials that were either not marked or the stones were stolen or vandalized.

LAST NAME FIRST & MID. NAME BIRTH DATE DEATH DATE REMARKS Death Certificate or Obit (added by Lisa)
. . . .
? = Illegible
Danners Unknown Unknown Unknown Possibly 2 Danners burials
Farmer David Wallace 18 Aug. 1884 21 Feb. 1919 d/c states buried in Camden, Mo
Farmer Edna E. 17 Dec. 1861 16 Feb. 1926 Mother of David & Maggie d/c states buried in Smith Cemetery
Farmer Maggie Juanita 03 Jun. 1903 08 Jun. 1923 d/c states buried in Smith Cemetery
Harding Mary F. 05 Sep. 1891 31 Oct. 1891 Dau. of C. A. & J. J.
Kennedy James H. Unknown Unknown Son of ??????? Kennedy
McLauhlin H. Illegible 09 Jun. 1882
McLaughlin Lilburn H. ?? May 1811 Unknown Son of Pulaski Remley 1st mar
Noblitt Mary Ann 07 Jan. 1884 25 Aug. 1916 Wife of G. W. Noblitt
Orsban Cecil Illegible Illegible
Plaws Unknown Unknown Unknown Wife of Lenhart s/b Anna Powless: Laenhart Poweless m. Ann Bowerman Dec 8, 1867: However her and Lenhart are listed as being buried in Riffe Cemetery.
Ralph Mo?ne?? Illegible 27 May 1878 Wife of J. B. Ralph
Remley Adam ?? ??? 1804 ?? Feb. 1869
Remley J. A. Unknown ?? ??? 1881 Son, age 18 yr., 9 mo., 3 days
Remley Jacob N. Unknown 18 Aug. 1881 Brother of Arthur Remley
Remley Mahala (nee Artman) 16 Apr. 1809 Unknown 1st wife of Adam Remley

photo submitted by Cynthia Farmer Nold

Remley Pulaski H. Unknown Age 64 2nd wife of Adam Remley
Remley Rachel Unknown 24 Mar. 1881 Age 27 yr., 2 mo, 26 days
Remley Unknown (Arthur) 09 Feb. 1813 03 Jul. ???? Son of Adam Remley

photo submitted by Cynthia Farmer Nold

Unknown Leroy Unknown Unknown Verbal report by D. Norris
Unknown Louisa Unknown Unknown Tombstone fragment
Unknown Maggie Unknown Unknown Tombstone fragment
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Stone with initials of I. W.
Williams Unknown 10 Feb 1903 10 Feb 1903 Infant dau of J. C. & F. E.
Williams Unknown 31 May 1905 31 May 1905 Infant son of J. C. & F. E.
Williams W. E. Unknown 11 Apr. 1902 son, aged 8 months

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